Our Team

Patti Noyes
Jeff Noyes
Drake King
Director of Operations

Being involved with all aspects of aviation since childhood, it has always been a desire to encourage general aviation and help others find good excuses to get out and fly more. 

We’ve supported general aviation over the years through flight instruction, consulting, avionics and maintenance support.  Our oldest daughter even soloed in our Cessna 172. Most of our personal aircraft flying has been day trips to nearby airports in search of diners carrying the elusive banana cream pie. 

Occasionally our travels would extend to an expensive overnight at a destination resort, like Mackinaw Island.  There’s a few things that we’ve grown to love over the years and at the top of the list are flying and talking about flying with other general aviation enthusiasts.  The most hospitable folks are ones that have common interests, and those that share a love of flying seem to top the list.  We’ve found that private pilots sure do like to visit with each other!  As general aviation developed over the years, homeowners that caught the flying bug have situated their homesteads closer and closer to their local airstrips.

Today, you’ll even find homes located directly on either public or private airports or airparks throughout the US.  We finally followed suit and relocated next to Bridgeport Municipal Airport (KXBP).  We look forward to hosting fellow aviators and hearing all about your adventures!