What is Waypoint Alliance?

Here’s a great reason to get out and fly more often or further away - by making overnight stays more attractive!

The nuts and bolts: You can stay at other pilot's offered guest rooms, for a small gratuity of only $20 per room per night, in exchange for simply listing your own spare guest room as an available place for other pilots to stay.

Being an exclusive club for aircraft owners, rest assured you’ll have commonalities with the other travel hosts in this network. Here’s the rub, you have to have a spare room in your owned home to make available.  You pay ridiculously low annual membership dues ($99/year), and you can host as often as you’d like (at your convenience, of course), yet are only expected to host at least once per year.

Aircraft owners seem to be some of the most generous to fellow aviators, lending spare rooms, spare cars, their own tools or aviation wisdom.  Though we can’t promise you the latter, the former is the basis of this network, leveraging those seldom-used spare bedrooms to help another flyer.  Members open up their spacious homes because it's such a practical thing to do.

The Waypoint Alliance club is a traveler's delight because the focus is on friendly hospitality with common interests.  If you enjoy meeting new people when you travel, you'll be amazed at the opportunities to connect with other Waypoint Alliance subscribers.  Members are people just like you: pilots that are passionate about their travels and hobbies, and eager to expand their horizons.  Regardless of where your travel takes you, you’ll be sure to find a welcoming face in a private home at a waypoint along your journey.   After visiting with your welcoming hosts about your travels, common interests and hearing their insider tips about the local scene, rest comfortably in your cozy, private guest room.  Of course the reciprocal arrangement allows you to join in on the fun by hosting other travelers in your own home, at your availability and convenience.

Who are the members? They are other general aviation enthusiasts just like you!  The Waypoint Alliance is a practical resource for pilots that own their own aircraft and home who enjoy people-to-people contact.  Members are keenly interested in life and eager to expand their horizons. Some are still combining busy careers with travel, sports and other interests.  Others have become empty nesters and are ready to do some serious traveling. And many who have retired are finding themselves busier than ever — running marathons, gardening, volunteering and still finding time for family, recreation, hobbies and yes, flying!

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Whether you’re planning a long trip or a short get-away, Waypoint Alliance visits not only enrich your travel experience but also help defray travel costs while providing the perfect stay for each layover.  So plan your itinerary, browse the listings, contact prospective hosts directly and then file your flight plan to begin your adventure. Membership satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with how the organization works for you within the first year, your dues will be refunded in full upon request.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today and start making some new friends at a waypoint along your trip! Also, take advantage of the opportunity to receive a $9 credit toward future dues for every one of your referred fellow pilot aircraft owners that also become members.  Up to a whole year of dues could be covered with just 11 referred members!

Dues (in US dollars) Waypoint Alliance club membership is $99 for one year from the join date. You may also wish to opt for the five year membership for one upfront payment of $450, or even a lifetime member at only $999 in advance. (You can always upgrade later.) The registration is accessible on line, along with the terms and conditions and privacy policy. As a member of this unique homestay exchange, you get to stay with fellow-enthusiasts by simply covering the owner’s out-of-pocket expenses with a set gratuity of only $20 per room per night.

When you’re traveling, Waypoint Alliance’s network gives you access to friendly homestays within a short drive of general aviation airports throughout the USA. “But I’m fine with settling for a stay at an impersonal, uninspiring, or overpriced accommodation” SAID NO-ONE EVER!  The $99 annual dues plus the $20 gratuity cost less than the price of just ONE night in an average hotel.  The Waypoint Alliance "Members Only" website grants you access to obtain current information about each accommodation.