Information in this Directory and on the Waypoint Alliance website is strictly confidential.  Members have provided it to help you select and arrange your accommodations.  It may not be used for any other purpose. 

Arranging a visit
Waypoint Alliance club membership provides the resources for you to connect with interesting, thoughtful people who will provide you with clean, comfortable sleeping accommodations, a wholesome breakfast, and friendly conversation.  The golden rule applies to every visit: be as considerate of guests and hosts as you would want others to be to you.

Avoid misunderstandings
Be sure to pay careful attention when arranging a visit.  Take time to carefully write down your guest's / host's name, contact information and date of visit.  Put it in a safe place where it will be readily available for reference.  If your plans change, be sure to notify your guest / host as soon as possible.  This is why adding your mobile number to your profile is a good idea... you're then accessible in the case of unexpected change or emergency.Reconfirm arrangements a few days before the visit date to be sure everything is going according to plan.

It's unacceptable to arrange a visit and then fail to arrive on schedule.  It can be equally disappointing to arrive for a visit and discover that your host is not at home!  The best way to avoid either scenario is to be sure, when arranging a visit, that both parties are clear about the arrangements.If your plans should change, make every effort to notify your host (or guest) as soon as possible.  Untimely arrivals and last-minute cancellations are unacceptable except in cases of emergency. We realize it's not always easy trying to find your way in unfamiliar territory.  Running into rush hour traffic or unexpected detours may cause delays or even necessitate a change of plans.  But remember, someone is waiting for you.  Your hosts have graciously prepared for your arrival and even planned breakfast.  So if there's a delay, be sure to keep them informed of your progress.  Be sure you have each other's cell phone numbers so you can stay in contact during the crucial hours before your arrival.

Avoid uncertainty
If you are not ready to make a commitment on your first contact with a host, and need more time before actually scheduling a visit, be sure to let the host know that you are just making an inquiry and that you will be in touch again if you need an accommodation.

Photo Requirements
We require all newly joining members to have photos of their spare room, their personal plane, and of themself. These will be uploaded when filling out the sign-up form. Until your form is complete, you will not have access to our directory.

You are a guest in someone's home, not a 5-star hotel.  Don't expect hosts to accommodate late night arrivals or to provide room service, however do convey special dietary needs.  Be your own concierge of your luggage.

Membership Verification
A photo ID such as a driver's license or passport is sufficient to confirm a guest's identity if you feel the need to do so.  Online listings include the month/year for a membership's renewal (EXP: 03/2021) to help confirm current membership.

A gratuity is like a tip.  It's a modest way to express appreciation and help reimburse hosts for any out-of-pocket expenses they may have incurred in preparing for your visit.  Guests naturally want to express appreciation for the hospitality they receive, especially since there is no charge for Waypoint Alliance accommodations.  To facilitate this, a standard gratuity is payable to your host at each visit.  Please present the gratuity upon arrival so it won't be forgotten in the flow of events.  Cash gratuity is USD $20 per room per night and hosts appreciate receiving the exact denominations.

Healthy Visits
If you're feeling a bit under the weather before or even during a visit, discuss the situation with your host / guest.  It's better to make alternative arrangements than to cause undue concern about one's well-being.

Happy Visits
We're sure you know better, but it probably bears repeating.  A word to the wise: Don't allow friendly conversations to skid downhill by pushing personal views on politics, religion, sports, etc.  Also, it is unacceptable to use Waypoint Alliance visits as a means of promoting business or a special cause.

Timely Departures
Many hosts are employed or serve as volunteers and may not be able to afford you substantial attention aside from a basic welcome.  Please arrange a soon-after-breakfast timely departure unless other arrangements are made with the host in advance.Non-Members.  A member listed in the directory or online may be accompanied by a member’s non-family guest.  The host must agree to accommodate the non-family guest.  The host may request a higher gratuity for a non-family guest.  This is all to be worked out between the host and the member ahead of time.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking
Do not take alcohol or illicit drugs into your host's home.  Smoking preferences are included in the directory.

Length of Stay
Visits are limited to three days, but hosts can make exceptions if they wish.

Special Amenities
Some hosts offer assistance with transportation and sightseeing, some even serve home-cooked meals in addition to breakfast.  But these amenities are not included in the Waypoint Alliance gratuity.  When accepting such services, they shouldn't be taken for granted.  It is always appropriate to offer the host additional tips.  There's no charge for the use of WIFI, or kitchen and laundry privileges, but if they are available, please use them sparingly.

Members of the Waypoint Alliance club enjoy a fairly consistent standard of friendly hospitality and unique accommodations.  You can help us maintain that standard by letting us know when something seems to be amiss.  We will address the situation discreetly.  Issues should not be ignored, especially if they're likely to be repeated.  If timidity tempts you to "let it go," you won't be doing your fellow pilots any favor.  Please help us ensure that the Waypoint Alliance standard of hospitality remains top-notch.

Waypoint Alliance has a partnership with PayPay to provide our members security and ease of operation. You can subscribe by debit/credit card, PayPal account, or you may also pay with a check by mail if you prefer (please contact us to let us know if you are sending checks in the mail).  All renewals apply 12 months to the renewal date.  Please note that online membership profiles become inactive on the due date if the renewal has not been received.

Contact us!
We love to hear from you.  Don't hesitate to email us or call if you have questions or concerns.  Stories and photos are always welcome too, and just may make their way to our social media posts!
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